Preventative Dentistry Dentist Jenison, MIThe goal of preventative dentistry is to help you maintain good oral health. Check out our dental services listed below to learn how our Jenison dentists take care of your smile.

The health of your teeth and mouth is important to the well-being of your entire body. While routine brushing and flossing at home is necessary to keep your smile looking its best, visiting us for a comprehensive dental exam and teeth cleaning is essential.

Preventative Dentistry

Advanced Dental Technology

We use the latest dental technology to improve your experience in the dentist’s chair. It has always been our goal to make sure you receive the best dental care. During your appointment, our dentist might use the intraoral camera, Spectra imaging, or digital dental x-rays. Click here to learn more about our advanced dental technology options.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our team is trained to recognize mouth cancer symptoms and pre-cancerous conditions. During your oral cancer screening, one of our dentists will examine your mouth, as well as feel oral and neck tissues to detect abnormalities. Click here to learn more about our oral cancer screening services.

3D Dental Imaging

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) allows your dentist to see your teeth, gums, and jaws with more clarity than traditional film x-rays. The focused x-ray beam reduces scatter radiation, resulting in better image quality and a lower dose of radiation. Click here to learn more about our 3D dental imaging services.


Fluoride for teeth prevents cavities by strengthening enamel. When you eat sugary foods, the acids in your mouth weaken enamel, making it easier for tooth decay to develop. Fluoride stops this process so you can maintain good oral health. Click here to learn more about our fluoride treatments.


Tooth decay is the most common childhood chronic disease in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If your child has deep grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces of their molars (back teeth), your dentist in Jenison may recommend dental sealants. Click here to learn more about our dental sealant services.

Mouth Guards

While generic mouth guards are sold in sporting good stores, they don’t offer the same level of protection or comfort as a custom mouth guard. A sports mouth guard from our dentists will allow you to breathe, speak, and drink properly so you can focus on the game. Click here to learn more about our mouth guard services.

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