How do Sleep Apnea Dentists Stop Snoring? Dentist Jenison, MIYes! If you suspect you or a loved one has sleep apnea, it’s important to call our dental practice as soon as possible. Our sleep apnea dentists will be able to determine whether you have a sleep disorder that’s preventing you from getting the rest you need.

Snoring is just one of the many signs you could have obstructive sleep apnea. If you have problems with snoring and sleep apnea, contact us today!

Preventing Snoring

Oral Health Focus

How much time does your primary care physician spend looking inside your mouth during your annual checkup? Probably a few seconds. Fortunately, our sleep apnea dentists have the unique advantage of focusing entirely on your oral health. During your teeth cleaning and oral examination, we’ll be able to examine your mouth and throat to look for signs of obstructive sleep apnea.

Complete Medical History

When you first become a patient at our dental practice, we have you fill out a medical history form so we’re aware of any issues that could complicate your oral health. For example, we ask you whether you clench or grind your teeth to determine if you have bruxism. We also ask whether you snore or experience daytime sleepiness, which are other sleep apnea symptoms.

You may have a higher risk for sleep apnea if you’re a white male over age 40 who’s carrying extra weight. However, you shouldn’t rule out sleep apnea if you don’t fit this description. Only a sleep apnea dentist will be able to screen and identify those with obstructive sleep apnea.

Appointments Every 6 Months

Your insurance should cover teeth cleanings, oral examinations, and appropriate x-rays with us every 6 months. Since our sleep apnea dentists see you more frequently than your primary care physician, we’re able to catch issues with your health much more quickly. This puts us in the unique position of being able to safeguard your health.

Sleep apnea should always be taken seriously because it can cause you to stop breathing several times a night. Fortunately, our sleep apnea dentists are trained to recognize the warning signs so we can recommend you for a sleep test. If the test confirms you have sleep apnea, we’ll get you fitted for a sleep apnea mouth guard (like OPTISLEEP) as soon as possible.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Our sleep apnea dentists offer sleep apnea treatment and snoring aids so you can breathe easier at night. For example, OPTISLEEP is a sleep apnea mouth guard designed to bring your tongue forward so it doesn’t block your airway. Since OPTISLEEP encourages you to breathe through your nose, it can help you stop snoring.

OPTISLEEP is the only oral appliance that’s planned and created using a completely digital process. That way, you won’t have to endure the trays full of pink putty other dentists still use for taking dental impressions. Our dentists use 3D software to visualize how OPTISLEEP can correct problems with your airway while you sleep.

Dr. John M. McMahon DDS and Dr. John F. McMahon DDS can help control your sleep apnea symptoms with OPTISLEEP. To schedule your appointment with one of our Jenison sleep apnea dentists, call McMahon Family Dental at (616) 457-2710.