Fluoride for teeth prevents cavities by strengthening enamel. When you eat sugary foods, the acids in your mouth weaken enamel, making it easier for tooth decay to develop. Fluoride stops this process so you can maintain good oral health.

Our Jenison dentists at McMahon Family Dental strive to give you the essential tools to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are recommended twice yearly for children and some adults.

For example, if you have risk factors for tooth decay and sensitivity, our family dentists may recommend you receive dental fluoride twice a year.

Our dentists may recommend fluoride for teeth if you have:

  • Receding gums
  • Dental crowns, bridges, or fillings
  • Weak tooth enamel
  • Dry mouth
  • GERD or acid reflux
  • Eating disorders​​

Fluoride Treatment Aftercare

After your dentist appointment, leave the fluoride varnish on your teeth for at least 2 hours. You may eat and drink during the first 2 hours, but avoid hot liquids and crunchy foods. After 2 hours, you may brush your teeth and eat normally.

How to Use Fluoridex Toothpaste

Floss before using fluoride toothpaste to remove plaque and debris between teeth. After flossing, use a pea-sized amount of Fluoridex to brush for 2 minutes. Spit out excess toothpaste, without rinsing. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after use. Use Fluoridex once daily, preferably before bed.

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